Friday, March 17, 2017

Spring (Hopefully) Returns

Spring is slowly returning to us after 10 days in the deep freeze! Like a bear waking up from a long winter nap, the trees were gradually thawing out in the sun today, and the sap just started to run in our lines at about 4pm. Things will freeze back up overnight but the next few days look promising for good sap weather, so keep your lucky St. Paddy's day fingers crossed for us! We remain open daily from 1pm-5pm and have lots of fresh maple syrup and maple butter for sale. 

Friday, March 10, 2017

Winter Treats

In the battle between spring and winter, winter is winning for the next week. We are shaping up for a very chilly weekend - much too cold for the sap to run. We remain open daily from 1pm - 5pm for sales, but there will not be an opportunity to see syrup making in operation again until things warm up.

One thing the cold weather IS good for is soul-warming treats! It is excellent pancake weather, and we also have our best-in-the-world freshly made maple butter available while supplies last. What a great way to stay cozy 🍁

Friday, March 3, 2017

Opening Tomorrow

We were snuggling up to the fire in the sugarhouse today! 

This cold weather has put the sap on pause for a few days. We will be open tomorrow for sales, but it will be too cold for the sap to be running. Those of you that have visited in the past know that our sugarhouse is not heated so please bundle up if you come for a visit!
Good news is we do have snow for making everyone's favourite maple taffy! See you between 1pm - 5pm.

Thursday, March 2, 2017

Cheers! A First-Of-The-Season Toast!

The first batch of 2017 McCutcheon's Maple Syrup is now bottled and ready to find it's way to your table! We will be open for sales beginning Saturday, March 4th from 1pm-5pm and will be open daily during the same hours for the remainder of the season.

Can't wait to see you!

Saturday, February 25, 2017

Busy Week!

                                                                First batch of 2017!

Due to the early spring-like weather, we have had frantic week of tapping trees, collecting sap, and making maple syrup!

We are hoping the forecast is right and some colder winter weather will return later this week. This will give us a chance to get our freshly made maple syrup bottled and ready for sale.

Please keep your eye on our Facebook page, and we'll update you all as soon as we have syrup for sale and we are open for visitors!

Saturday, February 18, 2017

Family Day Kickoff to 2017

What a perfect way to spend Family Day Weekend -- everyone in the woods in the glorious sunshine for our first day of tapping of 2017! Maple Syrup season preparation has officially begun! Stay tuned for more updates as things unfold with the weather. Hopefully we'll be making some liquid gold soon!

Thursday, April 14, 2016

Rule-Breaking Season Comes To An End

An unusual but surprisingly good maple season has come to an end! It was a season that broke all of the rules. The first two weeks starting on March 7th were notable for the warm temperatures and lack of frosty nights. The sap ran continuously even though conventional wisdom said it shouldn't. Then, unlike the usual spring pattern where the weather warms up towards the end of March, we entered a cooling trend. This produced a record flow of sap over Easter weekend. The sap flow continued until our last boil on April 1st, when very wintery weather returned with temps as low as -15 over night. For the first time in our 44 year career, the season ended with cold rather than warm weather. Usually the sap runs after a cold snap, but this year it didn't. We thought we might get one more run this week when it finally thawed out, but the trees seem to have had enough. A humbling and happy reminder that there are still a few mysteries left in life!

Our shelves are now full of delicious maple syrup, maple sugar and maple butter. The sugarhouse will be open for sales this Friday, Saturday, and Sunday afternoon from 1pm - 5pm. After that, please call (705) 835-5780 to check our hours or to arrange a time to pick up syrup. Our hours will be irregular as we head to the woods to wash and take down our lines. Happy spring!

Monday, March 28, 2016

A Great Easter Weekend, And Still Sugaring Off

After a shaky, too-warm start to the maple syrup season, the weather returned to a more wintery pattern and we are still collecting sap and making syrup. This weekend was picture-perfect sap weather, and it was a real joy to see the steam pouring out of the sugarhouse while so many wonderful friends came to visit. Thanks to all of the familiar faces and to the new first-time visitors who came to share part of their Easter holiday with us! We remain open daily from 1pm - 5pm daily, and are well stocked with delicious 2016 syrup, maple butter, and maple sugar. Come say "hi" and experience the unique Canadian tradition of sugaring off before this special time of year flies by!

Some of our favourite young friends help to check the buckets

Lots of interesting things to learn and see inside the sugarhouse

A beautiful sight - maple steam on a bluebird day

Saturday, March 19, 2016

Come Stock Up!

Great news! For those that have been jonesing for a BIG fix of your favourite, world-class maple syrup we now have half-gallon and gallon sizes available! Come visit us this weekend from 1pm - 5pm and get yours while it lasts.

Friday, March 18, 2016

Maple Butter Available

The sap has been running a little every day all week, despite the fact that we have not had frost for many days. We are grateful for every drop this year! Also, the upcoming forecast does look colder which is great news, meaning the season is not over just yet. We have now had time to make some of our special award-winning maple butter, so those of you that were yearning for it last weekend can come stock up! We remain open daily from 1pm - 5pm. Look forward to seeing your smiling faces!